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Thanks in part to Vélocity, Greater Manchester has been awarded £20 million from the Cycling City Ambition Grant.

Velocity 2025

The Creative Concern team wrote, edited and designed Greater Manchester's bid for £20 million of Cycle City Ambition Grant in April 2013, working closely with the in-house team at Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM).

The bid had two major distinctive elements; first of all and most importantly there were a series of segregated, Dutch-style cycle superhighways proposed running into the regional centre of the city which would transform cycling and allow us to aim for a 10% share for short journeys by bicycle by 2025.

We also outlined a series of 'five gears' for our strategic vision: Reshaping the city; The great bicycle economy; Everyone, everyday, every way; The road to wellbeing; and From gear shift to culture shift. The whole package came together with a graphic styling and 'Vélocity' title which also extended to presentation graphics and a short, online animation that accompanied the bid. 

We're now lucky enough to be doing further work with TfGM on their plans – along with many others, such as Love Your Bike – to make Greater Manchester a true cycling city.

Velocity map