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Communications for a sustainable future

Winner of a national Green Award and featured in a number of international books on successful sustainability communications.

Love Your Bike

It's a simple message – Love Your Bike. In 2006, we developed an award-winning campaign for Friends of the Earth to encourage commuters to get out of their cars and onto their bikes.

We admit, it's not always easy to persuade people to get out of their warm, comfortable cars on a rainy Monday morning but, by using strong visual messages with a sense of humour (and a dash of innuendo), we communicated the positive points about cycling to work. And it proved to be a success.

We worked on the campaign creative, advertising design, media buying, media relations, website development and supporting print materials, in conjunction with Modern Designers. Appearing on 48-sheet advertising, bus backs, posters, postcards, online and delivered at street level by a team of Friends of the Earth volunteers, we brought an integrated campaign to the streets of Manchester.